Tall, handsome Elf who works for Samrick.

He was once the young page of Prince Sadick, and was among the very few, among only the most loyal and trusted servants, that knew of the existence of Melalon; the prince's body double.

Sadick had a thing for sneaking out and Breck was complicit in helping the Prince do just that, enjoying a little partying himself outside the strict, straight-laced, stuffy atmosphere of Malachai's court.

On their final fateful outing, they had decided to take Mel with them for the first (and sadly, last) time. A botched attempt on the Prince's life put an end to the fun, resulting in Mel being stabbed and Sadick losing an eye in the barfight/shootout that ensued.

Breck heroically rescued his Prince and fled carrying Mel, but he bled out before they could return to the castle for help.

For his part in this "royal scandal", Breck was summarily banished from Eldenlon by the Elf King and sent directly into the dreaded "Demon Kingdom".

Raised on anti-demon propaganda, Breck was terrified to enter the Demon Kingdom and begged for an execution. The King denied this, thinking it an easy way out of his punishment. Breck was cut off from contacting his family and girlfriend and sent away in disgrace, taking full blame for "scandalizing" the Elf court by influencing the Prince into engaging in such lowly behavior.

For reasons yet to be covered in the comic, Samrick took an interest in Breck and hired him into his court.

Currently, he is the leader of the Royal Justiciars.

His team teases him about his apparent addiction to muffins.

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