Vampire hunters are just that, but in CTV it is not limited to just vampires. Werewolves, monsters, demons and other creatures of the night are also taken out of town by Blaine's crack team of fighters. Blaine supplies the weapons for the team, and posts bulletins of sightings and bounties. He rewards his hunters for the bigger, more dangerous monsters, but advises that they take these down together. He does not want his hunters out there alone and getting killed. Blaine usually pairs off hunters for certain jobs. Glen and Mort are always together (they're cousins), the girls hunt as a trio and if not, Rayna follows George, whose former partner was Wes, who is currently out of commission due to a fractured arm. Victor is the only hunter that Blaine has trusted on solos...he has an uncanny ability that the other hunters lack. Blaine escorts the hunters to the locations they will be scouting for the night.

A point of conflict between the huntress Rayna and Blaine is over how he does not allow the ladies to hunt worse things than the typical vermin. Rayna thinks he's being sexist and keeping the girls on the weaker, cheaper monsters, and Blaine feels very protective of the females ever since hopeful team member Victoria was killed during a hunt.

The city of Kellwood, and the current Mayor, funds the hunting society and provides the money for the bounties. Blaine secured his loyalty long ago and has been very close to the mayor, keeping him informed on the monster situation. There seems to be a neverending flow of beasts coming from that forest, but since Blaine's demon-hunting agency was formed, incidents and dissappearances have dropped dramatically.

The highest, and longest standing, bounty on record is for the slaying of "The Little Devil", who was said to have killed an entire colonial town. He has 2,000,000 on his head.


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