Claire is just a nice girl who wants nice things like any young girl. Do not let the fact that she is a several hundred years old vampire and a virtually unstoppable power house cloud the issue. She is cute and sweet, and sometimes murders people but not in that "creepy girl" sort of way.


Claire telehugs her boyfriend.

Claire in CTV

Claire first showed up along with her two siblings as part of the Elites search for the chosen one, who turned out to be Charby. At first Claire and her sister Rosemary hung around the cabin as part of their assignment but since Menu found out she could cook, she started dating the werewolf and has become a member of the cabin crew in a way that eludes both Zerlocke and Rosemary. Despite her best efforts, her happiness has not extended itself to them. She has tried several times to assist Zerlocke with his one-sided romance with Mye at times, trying to help him make progress with her and other times trying to get him to reign in his more psychotic stalker tendencies. Worse though has been the situation with her disapproving sister Rosemary, who has made her distaste for Menu very clear.

Claire turned out to be the perfect girl for Menu. Easy going, a great cook and best of all immortal given Menu’s tendency to have have prospective girlfriends promptly die on him. One such incident of misfortune resulted in Claire’s head being chopped off and spontaneously coming to life on its own as an original creature whom she named Lemrya, much to everyone’s discomfort.

Due to her more social nature it is difficult to tell much of Claire’s involvement with the Elite Council. For the most part Claire seems to visit out of love for Menu and general good will, but she has shown in the past to be a clever and efficient spy alongside her siblings when needed as well as a devastating powerhouse when the situation calls for it.

Claire does seem to be a little accident prone when teleporting often items ending up backward or even in someone’s lap but otherwise her mildly ditzy nature does not seem to impede her. When she teleports it makes a “Poff” sound.