Daray's deceased older brother who died in a tragic accident when Daray was very young.


Darryn with a gift for his brother: Dragon Scales

Darryn cast a long shadow that Daray could escape from for all his life.

Darryn was a respected and well loved Onekamari in the village he grew up in, a hero in his eyes and someone to aspire to be one day. He was popular with the ladies and destined to be a great leader for the Onekamari people one day. He was the only Onekamari in many years to bring home such a large dragon, and celebrated for the achievement despite the fact he secretly attacked the dragon as he was helplessly sleeping.

When his young brother fell through a bridge into a swift river, Darryn did not hesitate to jump in and rescue him. Unfortunately, he miscalculated and split his head on a rock, traumatizing Daray.

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