One of Eldenlon's major features, a massive stump fortress carved from petrified, ancient wood.

The Kingdom of the Elves. Eldenlon boasts two major wonders, first and oldest is the "Wold Stump" tree fortress, the jewel of Eldenlon.

Second is Ellebridge, a massive bridge stretching across the Scar to meet up with the Seelie lands across the deep and treacherous chasm. The bridge is the main Elven center of commerce, where all manner of Kellwood folk meet to trade and buy goods from Elf, Fairy, Kasani and others, as well as the biggest hot spot for human wares.

The King of Eldenlon is Malachai Porter. The sovereign of coin is the Orb of Winter, gifted to Hiram Porter as his right to the Elven throne by King Samrick himself.

Currently Eldenlon has a barrier protecting it from the "fiend-blooded", meaning that no Demon from Samrick's or Ilgram's Kingdoms can enter Elf territory.

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