Orrotta order that adheres to the original intentions of Orzzoren, and seeks to get the "prophecy" which has run off the rails back on track.

They undermine Malcom's assertions that Orrotta were made to govern the Scotodino by continuing to be servants to them.

The Faithful also secretly insist that Zeno is the true "Chosen" of Orzzoren, but to say so has been declared heresy, so they operated quietly for years even after Zeno was abandoned by the tribe.

Jorro and Ezza were two Faithful who were murdered after finding, rescuing and reviving Zeno from death, a process which took many years to complete.

Jozk is the only remaining known Faithful, his attempt to find Zeno and help him reach his full potential with a completed Scythe was thwarted by his former lover Avonlea.

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