Fay Louisa Porter is a young Elf girl with an odd fin-like horn on her head and a single functional wing on her back. She's sort of a brat with a princess complex, and she's on the run from her older brother Sadick. She has a major crush on Hexavier and has been pursuing him since she showed up, despite his making it clear he's not interested.


Fay and Meerse

Later in the story it was revealed that Fay's bratty princess attitude actually stems from being a real princess-- but not a Fairy Princess like she asserts. Fay is, like her older brother, i

n actuality half Dragon.

Fay is on the run with a stolen royal artifact- The Orb of Winter, which has taken the form of a "monkey-weasel" named Meerse. She treats him much like a pet, so thus far it is unknown if she is aware of the enormity of what she has done in taking it so far from the Elf Kingdom...

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