Hexavier Edwin Ducayne, or Xavier as he was known in life, and Hex to his friends, is a zombie and master of voodoo magics. He is introverted and keeps mostly to himself, and has a pendant that curses people who have done him wrong. He has a short temper so it's not terribly hard to get on Hexavier's bad side. He has a zombie kitten named Masan and he helped create Remote Beast. Much of his free time is spent in the basement trying to make heads or tails of the strange machinery that was left there.

==Hexavier in CTV==

The details of Hex and his sister Mye's life before the cabin are sketchy. The two were apparently accused of witchcraft somewhere in the 1800's and were found not guilty after they were both drowned in the testing. They were then reanimated as zombies by a sinister wizards known to them only as the Master and crafted each of them an item of power to assist him with his magics. As zombie they apparently have very limited control over their actions and were the master's slaves as long as he lived, which luckily for them turned out not be be forever as the Master was slain by a rival. Upon his death the two were freed but the Master's spirit descended upon Hex intending to possess his body. Mye saved the master by using her magics to tear the Master's spirit in two and absorbing on half her self. Sometime after this event the two were separated and Hex did not see her for some time until she settled in at the cabin.

To be continued

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