Lemuro shaman in traditional costume: Shirtless.

A Lemuro is a type of arboreal (tree-dwelling) demon living in the Kellwood forests. It resembles a person with a long, prehensile ringed tail and pointy ears on the top of its head. Lemuro were not native to the lands of Kellwood, but rather, are considered somewhat recent immigrants to the area. They are a tribal people, but mostly peaceful with neighboring tribes and other sentient creatures. And despite their primitive appearance, they know quite a bit about modern concepts, especially those pertaining to humans, but choose not to indulge in these things. Lemuro despise things like guns, thinking they make killing too easy. And it's not because of them being peaceful, because Lemuro are hunters and like killing when they have to!

Lemuro are intensely magical creatures, most of this magic resonating from the fur of their tails and in their hair. The longer the Lemuro's tail is and depending on how many rings it has can tell you how powerful he or she is in their magical practices. A Lemuro has a specialty magic, meaning he or she can perform one act with their magic but will be incompetent with anything else. They typically develop their skills when they reach puberty, though some have been known to start out young. Typically they go through a series of tests to find out what their magic profession will be. What magic abilities they get are not hereditary and seem to develop depending on what the tribe needs.

Currently Lemuro are very rare, being hunted nearly to extinction because their pelts are coveted both by magic users, fur-wearers like wealthy demons, and the Vampire King Rodericke who offered a large bounty on Lemuros for their pelts until he found out too late that their magic is far more powerful when the Lemuro it's attached to is still alive.