Adorably bloodthirsty

Leporids are a large creature that live in the forests of Kellwood, primarily in caves and tunnels as their eyes are rather sensitive to bright light. They are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn or dusk. The leporid is about the size of a large bear and resembles a cross between a badger and a hog with a stout, strong body, thick sharp digging claws, and an enormous thylacine-like maw. Leporids are fierce predators but are intelligent and easily tamed, making loyal guard animals. Orycalopes make the most use of the creatures, keeping a large amount of them in their underground cities. They have to be locked up when outsiders who aren't Orycalope visit because they will attack anything that does not smell like their masters.

Leporids have very strong bodies and their bite is very powerful. They do not have a kill bite however, choosing to bite into prey and thrash it about until sizable chunks come off it that can be swallowed whole. Leporid feeding is quite violent and messy, to say the least.