This is a list of the named characters in Charby the Vampirate, in order of introduction. I will include ReVamped links as the story progresses toward them. Multiple characters that appear for the first time on the same page are combined to one link, and I've included wiki page links as well.

In Order of Appearance Edit

Charby (first page of course haha!) wiki page: Charby

Quixoto wiki page Quixoto

Samrick (For old archives appearance see Umatilla) wiki page Samrick

Munchie Bear Old archives link, New archives link: Munchie Bear wiki page Munchie Bear

Mr. Noodle and Gabrielle old archives link, New archives link: Mr Noodle and Gabrielle

Wiki pages: Mr. Noodle, Gabrielle

Menu Old archives, new Archives: Menu .Wiki page: Menu

Zeno Old Archives, New archives: Zeno wiki page: Zeno

Hexavier wiki page: Hexavier

Tony wiki page: Tony

Victor wiki page: Victor

Mye wiki page: Mye

Sanguine and Malaria wiki page : Sanguine and Malaria

Glen and Mort wiki page: Glen, Mort

Annebelle wiki page: Annebelle

Hector wiki page : Hector

Vampire Hunters Edit

Zeno's Backstory Edit

(ReVamped introduction because crossover is non-cannon)

Umatilla and old archives Samrick; wiki page: Umatilla

Big Grey Wolf (AKA Menu's werwolf sire) wiki page: Menu's Sire

Remote Beast wiki page Remote Beast

Rose Sisters wiki page Rose Sisters

Xandria wiki page Xandria

Benito wiki page Benito

The Petrucci siblings Edit

Lemuro Brothers Edit

Phineas wiki page Phineas

Victoria wiki page Victoria

Mr. Ook wiki page Mr. Ook

Mikko wiki page Mikko

Azelea wiki page Azelea

Anthony wiki page Anthony

Kavonn wiki page Kavonn

Perrdinal Frisskin wiki page Perrdinal

Adria wiki page Adria

Foomy wiki page Foomy


Welf Cubs

Vampire KingdomEdit

Rodericke wiki page Rodericke

Rodericke's Henchmen

Mannick wiki page Mannick

Lemrya wiki page Lemrya

Tonius past Edit

  • Inga
  • Adalbert Sauer

Elite Council (group 1) Edit

Fay wiki page Fay

Sadick wiki page Sadick

Meerse wiki page Meerse

Vidor wiki page Vidor

Middy wiki page Middy

Daray wiki page Daray

Crispo wiki page Crispo

Lady Hunters Edit

(first appearance-Ezri ) First speaking-Ezri wiki page Ezri

Cyril wiki page Cyril

Cynara Cusick Wiki page Cynara

Chadwynn Cusick Wiki page Mayor Cusick

The Bensons Edit

Darryn wiki page Darryn

Inglebert wiki page Inglebert

Salti wiki page Salti

Victor's Parents Edit

(Old Archive) ReVamped

The Master wiki page The Master

Rena wiki page Rena

Arista wiki page Arista

Ervain wiki page Ervain

Elite Council (Group 2) Edit

Lezzaria wiki page Lezzaria

(First appearance Yiska ) (First speaking Yiska )wiki page Yiska

Mr. Chavez / the Wraith wiki page Mr. Chavez

Avonlea wiki page Avonlea

The Bureau Edit

Wiki page: the Bureau

Kenny Character page link: Kenny

Ilex character page: Ilex

Gramston character page: Gramston

Gramston's toadies

Scotodino village Edit

Dr. Hayter wiki page Dr. Hayter

Samrick's Royal Justiciars Edit

Melalon (deceased) wiki page Melalon

King Malachai Porter Wiki page King Porter

Maegem wiki page Maegem

Rollo wiki page Rollo

Here There Be Monsters Edit

Victor Marlowe

Blaine VanJulivan

George Zealand

Weston Easton

Lucas Linwood

Cyrus Linwood




Bartholomew Bertrand







John Marlowe

Mayor Kirkfeld

Vagabonds Edit



Xixi's "Son"

Vynx Wiki page Vynx

Prince Laurel wiki page Prince Laurel

Mizmet Wiki page Mizmet

Sharister wiki page Sharister

Gwendolynn wiki page Gwen

Mentioned Edit









Chaos Kings wiki page Chaos Kings

Lady Red

Orycalope Queen Tilda (deceased)

Ozmir wiki page Ozmir

Demon King Ilgram wiki page Ilgram

Pepper Mentioned here

Rita mentioned here

Lost souls Edit

A little shuffling has displaced these particular characters who will probably get a little fixing up in ReVamped. Some are just extra characters with one-off appearances. Or they have yet to appear but have made appearances outside the comic. Or, they are such a footnote in the story I've decided they belong here for now!

Robert Black (Blackheart)

Pirate crew (named)

  • Jones
  • Joseph

Arminus J. Robinson

Barret Robinson

Daryl Wan Hu (Dork Ninja)

Teena Corrine


Beefy and Spicy


Mindy Macabre

Beaula MacBanner

Dr. Smith

Dr. Sanders






The Goblin Queen


Miss Ducayne




"Snake Arm Susan"