Morble seen in the Demon Market.

A Morble is a type of Fairy living in the deep woods of Kellwood's forest.

They have large ears and round eyes. Typically they do not grow taller than a few feet high, and often travel in large family groups.

Sometimes they are referred to as "Lantern Folk" due to their curious homes which resemble lanterns. Stumbling upon a Morble village at night may be a curious site as it may seem abandoned all but for the numerous lights hanging from trees and poles.

Morble cultureEdit

Morbles are nomadic travelers and masters of space-bending magic. As such, they are the go-to source for a bag of holding. This very magic is used for their lantern homes, a rather large family can reside in a single lantern, as long as they fit through the door!


Morbles do not typically wear a lot of clothing, but it is considered rude not to at least wear a garment of some sort.

Morbles are allied with the Elf kingdom and frequently do their business within their territory, but also benefit from their protection outside and in other market areas the caravans travel to.

Morbles in the comicEdit

A red-cloaked Morble named Malus has been seen in several background scenes in the Demon Market. In his first appearance, he wore a red hoodie.

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