Nora is rather fond of the color pink.

Nora is an Elite vampire working in the council. She is a high-ranked Elite and good friends with Vita. She has a sweet, easygoing personality but very little patience for difficult people. She is not fond of Gabby.


Nora was in her early 30's when she was turned, so she has horns in addition to feathered wings. She likes to wear pink clothing to go along with her overall purple/lavender coloration she ended up with after being turned. She's a little jealous that Osbert ended up with pink hair and she didn't!

Nora in the comic

Nora first appeared at the table during the introduction of Elites during the party storyarc that threatened to never end. She also appeared again to show newcomer Elite Kenny the room he'll be staying in.


Nora was named after the character of the same name from the "Thin Man" movies, a comedy-mystery series from the 30's.

The outrageous outfit that Kenny imagines Nora wearing was based on the one worn by Emma Frost from the X-Men comics, which was inspired by Emma Peel's outfit from the British TV series The Avengers. Obscure references abound!

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