Do you hear Yakkity Sax too?

Onekamari are a dragon-hunting culture that resides in Kellwood's forests. Onekamari procure magic through the use of dragon's scales and highly prize nearly every piece of a slain dragon as useful. Onekamari hate dragons for some perceived slight perhaps of their ancestors that has yet to come to light. Whatever the reason, their hatred runs deep and cold through every Onekamari, who are fed a healthy diet of propaganda that erstwhile villager Daray has only recently come to realize.

Young Onekamari have to go through a trial where they hunt their first dragon to enter Onekamari adulthood. This typically happens around the age of 18. In recent times the tradition has died down as dragons have largely fled the areas near Onekamari villages, and a young warrior has to travel further and further into dangerous woods to find a dragon. Or at least it would seem that way...

Onekamari keep themselves busy with mining and farming in the meantime. They are fond of precious stones and coal, and they make a lot of business with the Demon Market. The largest Onekamari village is located on a hill that has a lot of steep gorges, and the area is prone to landslides. The excessive mining and quarrying done by the Onekamari has changed the landscape around them as well.

Currently Onekamari are working for the "Forge", for what purpose it has yet to be revealed.