Malcom whips up the crowd, Avonlea smirks ominously.

Orrotta are a race that appear somewhat similar to Elves. In fact, they are often mistaken for Elves, but they are actually from the same place the Scotodino came from.

Orrotta are immortal biological constructs, like a homunculus.

Conflicting originEdit

According to Zeno's "future-past" self, Mr. Chavez, the Orrotta were created by the Scotodino to serve and teach them, and to preserve their cultural knowledge.

Malcom on the other hand, asserts to an assembly of Scotodino that Orrotta were created by Orzzoren the Wheel of Souls to lead the Scotodino "children" in his name in the other world.

Orrotta in the comic (Spoilers possible)Edit

I'm just spoiler tagging this as a precaution for those who haven't put the pieces together yet!

Zeno mistakenly assumes he was rescued by elves, named Jorro and Ezza. After a little talk with Mr. Chavez it's pretty obvious that they are Orrotta who raised him from the dead.

Quixoto shows Vita a vision of a dead Orrotta and baby Scotodino. The bonus material that was linked to the page also reveals a crowd of Orrotta coming from a portal, with a pre-Elite Cyril looking on.

Malcom and Avonlea are Orrotta from a Scotodino Village in Kellwood. Jozk, an Orrotta known to be allied with what was called "the Faithful" by Malcom, is on the run with a Scotodino artifact, the proper snathe that goes with Zeno's scythe.

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