Ozmir is a half-dragon Elf who is the current "Face of the Prince".

He used to resemble Sadick more closely in his youth, but he has been posing as the Prince in public appearances for fourteen years.

Only the King, Sadick and the scouts who found him know of his humble beginnings. Despite the trappings of Royalty, Ozmir is a soft-spoken and polite Elf who prefers to enjoy his wine over socializing.

Ozmir was found in a hurry after Sadick's double, Melalon, was murdered in full sight of common Elven citizens in a bar. Utterly appalled that Sadick would allow himself to be in such a situation, Malachai did not deign to fix the injuries he acquired, assuming he would be safer pretending to be his deceased double while Ozmir slipped into the role of Prince Sadick. Once Ozmir was secured, he was presented to the public as having suffered only minor injuries, to send a clear message to any would-be assassins that the Royal Elves would be harder to kill than they thought.

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