There are four Royal Orbs held by their respective kingdoms: The Orb of Summer, Orb of Autumn, Orb of Winter and Orb of Spring.

Samrick gifted three of these four Royal Orbs to the Kingdoms (now known as the Alliances) that helped him overthrow the previous Demon King Ilgram, and named them in theme after the original Orb of Summer which was in possession of the Seelie Fairies, as both an uplifting to the gifted Kingdoms and a slight to the Fairies. They are symbols of sovereignty and receptacles of the kingdom's power.

Orb of Winter- Elf Kingdom

Orb of Summer- Seelie Fairy Court

Orb of Autumn- Dragon Kingdom

Orb of Spring- Ash Trolls of Silsarlfriss City

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