Observe, the slouchy posture of your average skzzldrix.

Also called the Rat Elf. They are short elf-like creatures with long hairless tails (except for the puff at the tip) and shrew-like snouts.

Skzzldrixes tend to be loners though there has been the occasional gang. They value material wealth above all things, and most of what they do hinges on the ability to make more money. Though there are some truly good Skzzldrix, it's rare that you'll run into one that's not a back-alley sleazebag who'll kill his sweet grandma if the price is right...if grandma didn't get the contract on him first!

Skizzldrix culture

The reason behind this frenzied avarice is that in skzzldrix society, the more money you make in this life will let you buy your way into the skzzldrix afterlife upon your death. However, there are some sects of skzzldrix religion that state that it depends on how much material wealth you leave for your loved ones when you die instead. Both have the potential for greed, of course!

Skzzldrix behavior


Just like 90's Marvel, they love pouches!

Skzzldrix are not terribly strong creatures nor do they possess any real magical abilities. They make up for this in conniving and the ability to learn quickly how to adapt to situations. What they can't overpower at the moment, they'll take down when it's weak. A skzzldrix is more likely to slit your throat while you sleep than backshoot you in the street. However, they are quick and can jump like a flea, so they're not exactly helpless either!

Their large eyes give them remarkable night vision, and their sense of smell and hearing are very keen. They're largely nocturnal creatures and dislike bright lights. They are omnivores who can eat just about anything, including poisonous vegetation, of which they may knowingly serve to unwitting travelers with fat wallets. (Never stay at a skzzldrix Bed and Breakfast!)

Skzzldrixs tend to be very paranoid and do not trust strangers. However, this does not mean they are a race of greedy cowards. It really depends on their upbringing!

Some skzzldrix even work in King Samrick's court as servants, and there are a few known skzzldrix living near fairy colonies with good relations between the creatures.

Rat Elf

The name is now seen by Skzzldrix as an offensive term ever since they found out that the humans use the term "rat" to mean someone who is sneaky, contemptible and distrustful, and that rats are seen as diseased vermin. It doesn't much matter to them that this isn't true about rats in reality! Rat Elf was simply used to describe the small creatures with pointed ears and mostly naked tails and was considered endearing up until they discovered alternate meanings to the word. Considering their reputation in Kellwood however, only the rat people and Vaeltwii would use the word in a non-disparaging way.

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