What do you mean, unreliable!

You're here because a character said something that doesn't gel with what's in the story due to recent discoveries revealed in the narrative. The problem is, the character doesn't know that, because they are clueless! There's no reason a character should know everything about local lore or what species every creature they encounter in the forest is. Sometimes, characters will make mistakes, and think something is one way when we know it is the other.

Characters in this comic will make statements that are wrong, and may be proven false at a later time. I've even let those mistaken impressions stand in this very wiki until that time arrives so as to avoid spoilers and let people reach their own conclusions when the notice things don't always add up. As such, once things are revealed, I'll be sure to add this note in to elaborate on what the character said and how it contrasts with what the audience just found out!