A Vaeltwii wants to trade this pumpkin for something!

The Vaeltwii are small, furry creatures who live in the Deep Forest of Kellwood. They somewhat resemble a large chinchilla with transparent,bee-like wings.

Vaeltwii CultureEdit

Vaeltwii live in a grove of Dryads, and share a symbiotic relationship. Vaeltwii live in the boughs of the Dryad's tree, and in exchange for their shelter Vaeltwii travel into the other parts of the forest to run errands and retrieve things for them.

Vaeltwii enjoy the challenge of "trading up", starting out with a small item and moving toward the goal of something of more value through a long chain of trades. Vaeltwii also delight in fetch-quests, the more absurd and rare the item, the more the fun it is. Vaeltwii stories do not revolve around epic battles hard fought and won, but of bargains and bragging rights over who found what rare item first.

More venerabe Vaeltwii sometimes serve as brokers in the Demon Market.

Since Vaeltwii are frequently seen in the markets, pleasing one at your shop is in your best interest if you are a shopkeep because Vaeltwii keep record of every customer experience and will not fail to blacklist any store that gave them a rotten deal or obstainately refused to a fair trade.
As such, many shopkeeps seek to please a Vaeltwii (even cutting them a deal) as Vaeltwii praise is a boon to business.


Vaeltwii can be pretty easy to get along with, unless you really give them the run-around on an item they desperately need. For obvious reasons they shy away from items made of carved wood. Vaeltwii hibernate during the winter months, and live mainly on the fruits from the trees they live in which the Dryads gladly offer up.


Vaeltwii takes a break from delivering a package.

Vaeltwii in the comicEdit

The first appearance wasn't exaclty well-drawn, but a proto-Vaeltwii can be seen in the final panel of page 326 , running behind Sadick with an orange ball.

The more developed Vaeltwii were first featured on page 984 discussing wares with a troll.