Avonlea stands with Zoren, who is just here to look nice for the rabble.

Zoren is a Scotodino, the leader, the "Chosen One", "Orzzoren's Favored," yadda yadda. It's pretty obvious that he's a figurehead put in place by the orrotta "servants" named Malcom and Avonlea.

He's a lot less monstrous than his male peers and somewhat of a pretty-boy all things considered. He's VERY popular with the ladies, which the Orrotta put to good use. He is somewhat of a superstar in their little corner of Kellwood and pretty much does what he wants.

He was until recently, in possession of a snathe (the handle part of a scythe!) that was part of the scythe of legend known as the "Demon Scythe", which was "proof" of his inheritance of Orzzoren's power.

Zoren's name is shortened from "Orzzoren", just because they really had to be that on the nose about it.

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